COO COO offers designer children's clothing for newborn to 10-year-old boys and girls. It began in 2012 as an aspiration to create comfortable & fashionable clothes for children in’ pure cotton fabrics keeping in mind the weather in India.

The COO COO aesthetic is ‘’Casual Luxe’’ and our sole aim is to design high-quality, well-made clothing for children, with great attention to detail, fabric, trim & the needs of our little customers. We hope to be one of the brands that fill that gap of providing international quality children’s clothing in India.

Today, Founder & Creative Director Pallavi Swadi ensures the collections are constantly evolving while staying true to her principle values: quality, construction, comfort; using only the finest fabrics. Her designs have a unique aesthetic that blends fashion and function to create looks that have an universal appeal and clothes that are ultra-comfortable and fun to wear for your little ones.

We are very excited to be launching DRESSED UP BY COO COO our heirloom inspired looks for weddings, celebrations and special occasions, featuring hand details, luxurious fabrics and finely crafted designer touches.

About Pallavi Swadi & Why the brand name COO COO?

Pallavi Swadi worked in Geneva, Switzerland for a few years after college in the US, and then in Boston & New York before returning to India in 2005.
When her son and daughter were born, she found it challenging to find good quality, comfortable, fashionable cotton clothes for children in India and in 2012, she conceptualized and launched COO COO.

When she lived in Geneva, Switzerland one of her favourite French words was ‘Coucou’ a word widely used by her Mommy friends to call their babies/children. When thinking of a brand name, she noticed that Cuckoo was also used by her nanny to get her babies attention. It basically was an endearing way for saying ‘Hi my love’ in both French & Hindi. ’Coucou’ would have not have been pronounced appropriately in India so she thought about a word that sounded similar and which would retain the essence of her brand – COO COO.